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Hire A Carpet Cleaner in Taunton Somerset ???

Hire A Carpet Cleaner in Taunton Somerset ???

No!! let STANLEY STEAMER clean your carpets for you without the hard work and stress.

Many people think that hiring a carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning machine like a Rug Doctor is the only way to clean their own carpets. WRONG !!! Some people also think that a professional carpet cleaner who will come to your home and clean your carpets doing the job for you may be too expensive. WRONG !!! If you’re thinking about hiring a carpet cleaner and doing it yourself because you think it’s the best alternative, STOP!! Take a deep breath and THINK !! Stanley Steamer is more than happy to give you advice and a price to clean your carpets.

THINK !! Where has the hire carpet cleaning machine you are about to rent been, and what has it been USED for ??? Remember that the machine you want to hire and clean your carpets within your own home has probably been used hundreds of times before, on carpets that you would not wish to walk on, even with your shoes on.
Sadly some people that hire carpet cleaning machines do not always clean or sanitize them properly before returning them to store. Often these hire and rented carpet cleaning machines have been used in emergencies to clean up dog and cat mess, urine and vomit and many other unpleasant spills and odours.
Do you really want to bring that in to your home?? No I don't think so.

Call - Stanley Steamer the carpet cleaner for free advice and a price to clean them for you.

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We cover all Somerset including:

Alcombe Bishops Hull Bishops Lydeard Blue Anchor Bradford on Tone Bridgwater Burrowbridge Cannington Carhampton Chard Crowcombe Curry Rivel Corfe Cotford St Luke Culmstock Dunster Enmore Hatch Beauchamp Hemyock Kilve Ilminster Langford Budville Langport Milverton Minehead North Petherton Norton Fitzwarren North Curry Nether Stowey Othery Porlock Puriton Taunton Timberscome Trull Watchet Wellington Williton Woolavington

Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

To Hire or rent a carpet cleaning machine is not always the best option, it can be expensive, non cost-effective or failing to offer value for money in the long term. When you hire a carpet cleaner you pay for the machine, leave a deposit, and possibly pay for more chemicals that you will probably never use. FRUSTRATING! Then to add insult to injury you have to clean the carpets yourself. That's where the fun begins. Trust me it's really hard work. Still if you want a 3 hour work out in a room with a carpet cleaner (machine, not a person) and you are convinced that you will not shrink or over wet the carpets and remove all the stains before lunch, CONGRATULATIONS!! Well Done, I'm impressed.

When you hire a carpet cleaner you may need to dedicate your whole day to carpet cleaning, as the cleaning machine often needs to be returned that same day. This can be a pain.

What a lot of people don’t realise about renting a carpet cleaner is that there are sometimes hidden costs. For example, when you buy a bottle of chemical solution to clean your carpets and furniture you can always guarantee, it may not be enough to finish the job, even though the person at the hire centre convinced you otherwise. This means another trip to the store to purchase more chemical, incurring more travel expenses. Usually you have to collect the cleaning machine and return it yourself to your local hire shop or store, wasting more of your time and money.

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Would you prefer to do all the hard work yourself? Or let Stanley Steamer The Carpet Cleaner to do the hard work for you?



Stanley Steamer to do the work.

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