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From a washing machine flood to water pouring through your ceilings, a burst pipe to ankle deep in water -
STANLEY STEAMER deal with these disasters every day.

The Emergency Plumbers are here to help and advise, specialising in all types of water leaks.

Ring the Emergency Plumbers now for a callout in Taunton,Somerset & beyond including

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Emergency Plumbers in Taunton and Somerset

Emergency Plumbers in Taunton and Somerset

Emergency Plumbing repairs and call out. The Emergency Plumbers are here to help or advise specialising in all types of water leaks and central heating oil leaks above and below ground.

The most common cause of water leaks are from plastic pipe and copper pipes used in cold and hot water systems. On the cold and hot water systems copper pipe leaks often occur with solder or compression joints and fittings, either due to bad fitting, freezing temperatures, poor insulation or lagging and movement and corrosion in solid floors. Plastic pipe also leaks usually from the fittings or couplings not being installed correctly.

Central heating systems are a common source of water leaks in houses usually from the boilers, expansion vessels or header tanks, radiators themselves or the thermostatic radiator valves or (TRV)s that are vulnerable to impact from vacuum cleaners, pets and children.

Require Assistance!!

To call out an Emergency 24hr Plumber, for water leaks, Plumbing repairs and services IN YOUR AREA search this register: Plumbing & Heating Gas Safe Register

Or call any of these Emergency local Taunton plumbers (office hours only):

  • Prestige Plumbing and Heating 07775726390
  • Dave Terrell 07811166829
  • Rob Leyman 07796000061
  • Ian Thomas 01823444332
  • W.S. Plumbing and Heating 07813090594
  • JFG 07584432108
  • JAZ 07565707585

STANLEY STEAMER - The complete cleaning & drying service for your home & buildings, furniture & contents following water damage.

Emergency Plumbing Call-Outs

Emergency Plumbing Call-Outs

  • Stopcock leaks
  • Tap leaks
  • Leaking pipes
  • Radiator leak
  • Dishwasher leak
  • Washing machine flood
  • Burst or fozen pipes
  • Burst water tanks
  • Blocked toilets
  • Sewage overflows
  • Leaking showers
  • Blocked baths/sinks
  • Suck out water
  • Loft & ceiling leaks
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We're here to help with Free Advice

Preventing Burst Pipes

  • Make sure you know where your internal stopcock is.
  • Ensure that any outside taps and piping including drain pipes for heating or overflow pipes are insulated. Any piping in unheated areas such as lofts, basements and garages all need to be lagged with good quality pipe lagging.
  • Any pipes buried in the ground outside such as pipes to garages or sheds need to be buried deep enough and/or lagged.
  • Insulate your cold water tank, This is often the of cause of Burst Pipes.
  • Leave your heating on at least 14 degrees centigrade at all times throughout cold spells. Fix any dripping taps or existing leaks before the cold spell. Many burst pipes happen because of leaks.
  • During cold spells leave the loft hatch open as this will allow the warm air to circulate, reducing the risk of burst pipes and water leaks.
  • Unoccupied properties! Turn off the stopcock, drain the heating system and the cold and hot water systems to prevent burst pipes.

Burst Pipe Emergency Tips, until help arrives:


  • Look out for the signs of Burst Pipes: damp patches on walls, ceilings and floors. Loss of water pressure, unusual noises in the system and even electrical faults all can point to Burst Pipes.
  • If you suspect a burst pipe then isolate the water from the stopcock. Close the stopcock fully and open the taps in the home to remove the water from the system.
  • Remove the excess water as soon as possible; the quicker the water is removed the less damage will be caused..


  • DO NOT use the electrical devices, keep away from light switches and sockets if water is leaking, it can easily be within the electrical circuit.
    This is important as insurers may register your call as an incident even if you decide not to claim.
    Call us first for free advice Tel: 01823 323333
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