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Dehumidifier Rental, Dehumidifier Hire,
Fan Hire and Heater Rental

Dehumidifier Rental, Dehumidifier Hire, Fan Hire and Heater Rental

STANLEY STEAMER supply and deliver, rent and hire dehumidifiers, heaters, dryers and fans for use in all types of buildings and properties within the Taunton and Somerset areas . We carry a large stock of portable domestic, commercial and industrial quiet dehumidifiers and drying equipment to dry out damp and water damaged homes, houses and buildings including the furniture and contents. Our drying service is available to all. This includes home owners, private, public, commercial and business sectors.

We specialise in dehumidifier hire and other drying equipment rental, offering a range of services from equipment hire to Tracing Leaks, Damp Surveys, Moisture Readings and providing Drying Certificates for insurance companies. You may just want us to deliver, install and set up the drying equipment for you, and collect on completion.

Call us and explain your situation so we can help identify the best method for drying your property, and then recommend dehumidifiers, fans or heaters for you to hire. We can also take damp readings to monitor the drying progress of the building, keeping you informed and up to date with the situation.

Call us now for help and free advice. Stanley Steamer is rated 5 based on 11 Google reviews. We cover Taunton, Somerset & beyond including

Axbridge Bridgwater Bruton Burnham on Sea Chard Crewkerne Dulverton Frome Glastonbury Highbridge Ilminster Langport Minehead North Petherton Somerton Street Taunton Watchet Wellington Wells Weston-Super-Mare Wiveliscombe Yeovil

Dehumidifiers for Hire

Dehumidifiers for Hire

Our dehumidifiers are suitable for use in all types of properties. Dehumidifiers are ideal for drying small spaces, and large areas within homes houses flats residential properties, also commercial properties. Portable small and quiet dehumidifiers are specifically designed for humidity control, by drying the air, and reducing moisture in the atmosphere of the room. Dehumidifiers will dry out buildings and structure from the inside, this is why the windows and doors should be closed to seal the areas you are trying to dry.

It is always important to establish what materials and what areas have been affected by moisture ingress or saturated by the water damage and to what extent, only then can you decide what type of dehumidifier or drying equipment to hire that is most efficient and effective for your drying needs. We understand a wide range of construction types so can advise on the best method to clean and dry out your home or business. Cleaning and sanitising a property is often required following water damage contamination.

The Pressure Drying and Suction Drying process are also effective methods of drying layered constructions within a home or property.

There are two main types of dehumidifier technology; refrigerant and desiccant. The differences are in the levels of water extraction, optimum operating temperatures, running costs, size and noise levels. We usually recommend refrigerant dehumidifiers where the property temperature is above 15c. as they are often smaller quieter and more convenient for people to use in the home or office environment. Desiccant dehumidifiers are more efficient at very low temperatures when heat cannot be maintained.

Where water and moisture are trapped by impervious materials such as lino, carpets, underlay insulation, wood and laminate flooring, tiles, wallpaper, and vinyl paint, these cause a vapour barrier which restricts or may prevent the drying process, potentially leading to the growth of bacteria and mould / mold. The best solution is to remove the impervious materials where possible, to speed up the drying process.

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We're here to help with Free Advice

Drying Advice


  • Keep the structure of the building or property at a suitable constant average temperature for safe and efficient drying thus reducing further possible damage.


  • Never over heat the rooms as this can cause extensive and long term damage to the structure of the building or property.
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